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The Barrie Home Listings Team

Your Barrie Home Listings Team are TRAINED Licensed Realtors. We know what properties are selling for. We know what the market demand is. When we arrive at what is considered to be fair market value for your home, we are not guessing. We know!

We at the Barrie Home Listings Team , work as a TEAM so we can be in many places at once!As a Realtor we know how to advise you on making your home look its absolute best. Our Team can provide you with complimentary HOME STAGING CONSULTATION, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND CONTACT DETAILS TO ANY OTHER PROFESSIONAL NEEDED TO GET TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR HOME.

We can help optimize your home so that it sells for the most money possible. Our Team’s services can provide you with a PROFESSIONAL PRE-LISTING HOME EVALUATION. Upon arrival we can advise you on what to fix and what to leave as it is. Do NOT spend money renovating or prepping your home if you don’t have to. We can advise you on what you should leave and what you should fix.  Our tremendous experience with numerous Buyers and Sellers have given us the tools to help guide you.

When it comes to NEGOTIATING your deal, we are experts. We have the training and years of EXPERIENCE needed to to bring your transaction to a successful conclusion.

Your Barrie Home Listings Team is WORKING FOR YOU. Keeping YOUR BEST INTEREST in mind.

Ask about our Customer Loyalty Program to help SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

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Proactively marketing your Property and using creative advertising techniques, along with strategic pricing will help bring you closer to the sale price you expect for your home. Homes should be presented in the most appealing manner to be SOLD! We will give you helpful advise and guidance to help get your Home sold quickly and profitably.

The best thank you is a happy client and a great referral. We look forward to working with you!